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Characteristics of Schiess FB 28/16


9600 mm


4200 mm


1500 mm

spindle diameter


ob max

2,35-375 rpm / 70------850 rpm

Characteristics of WFA 200B


7600 mm


4200 mm


2000 mm

spindle diameter


Characteristics of lathes:

Type KFC 200

Machining diameter

ø2000 mm

Machining height

1450 mm


to 80 rpm

Type KFC 320

Machining diameter

ø3200 mm;

Machining height

2000 mm


to 40 rpm

Type TCG 160V

Machining diameter

ø1600 mm oraz ø1300 mm

Machining height

1000 mm


to 200 rpm

What’s more, lathe TCG 160V has precise instruments which allows direct press-form of holes just in the center taking into consideration diameters:


ø 280-670 with L = 2500
ø 670-900 with L= 3300,
class H7.

Characteristics of bending machines

Bending machine - type UBBDA 53 x 3150 can roll and bend plates with different Re yield strength, different thickness and width.

Please refer to the graph showing the possibilities of the bending machine. If having any questions do not hesitate to contact with us.

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Characteristics ESAB LAB


4800 mm

Characteristics electric oven

Electric annealing furnace with power of 1200 KW;

Annealing range up to 620oC; additionally, the one is equipped with automatic recorder of temperature in ‘time’ function;

The maximum dimensions of the horizontal detail: 5900x5900 mm;

Max weight of a single annealed element: 32t (limit caused by load capacity of the overhead crane).

Characteristics drilling machines

Typ -->> RFH75 4000


3000 mm


4500 mm



Plasma machine

The CNC Plasma and oxygen cutting is possible on a workspace of 3000 x 15000 mm

Double plasma generator in the HD technology with the cutting range of up to 40 mm

Double oxygen torch with a cutting range up to 150 mm in mild steel

Plasma linear and point parking

Great cutting quality of holes in the ratio 1:1 (thickness : hole diameter)

Positioning with an accuracy of 0,01 mm

Very high cutting quality of stainless steel and Aluminium

Cutting speed up to 9800 mm ( 20 mm mild steel with the cutting speed of 2200 mm/min)

Fast and easy process of preparing the machine for cutting

Low cost of cutting

A very high performance machine using two bridges with two plasma generators ( the ability to work simultaneously with two bridges independently of each other , the possibility of simultaneous cutting by using different technologies ).

Flame cutting machine

Acetylene – oxygen machine for flame cutting of plates:

max length of workpiece

12500 mm

max width of workpiece

3200 mm

max thickness of plate

250 mm

Quay and cranes

Our advantage is that we have our own quay and high possibilities of lading


152 m

To our disposal are also:

self – propelled platform Scheuerle type
crane – type Maja, by Polskie Ratownictwo Okrętowe company in the privatization (click this link to see the characteristics)
cranes by Euromos company (click this link to see the characteristics)
Technology of movement of large-scale construction by using hydraulic jacks przy użyciu podnośników hydraulicznych