Characteristics lathes

Type KFC 200
Machining diameter: ø2000;
Machining height: 1450 mm;
rotations to 80 rpm.

Type KFC 320
Machining diameter:  ø 3200 mm;
Machining height: 2000 mm;
rotations to 40 rpm.

Type TCG 160V
Machining diameter: ø1600 mm and 1300 mm;
Machining length 1000 mm;
rotations to 200 rpm.

What’s more, lathe TCG 160V has precise instruments which allows direct press-form of holes just in the center
taking into consideration diameters:
               ø 280-670 with L = 2500
               ø 670-900 with L= 3300,
class H7.

Our equipment

We do have: 

Lathes (tokarki)

Lathe KFC 200
Lathe KFC 320
Lathe TCG 160V